Strawberry Farmer

Ameer, a University graduate young man who believe that private business is the best way to develop his life and increase his income, left his job as a head of credit facilitation department at The National Bank- Jenin Branch, to start his own business as a strawberry farmer.

He started his project with one farm (approx 3000 sqm) of greenhouses and was chosen to be benefited from US-Aid/Compete program to develop strawberry farmers in WB. He managed to get technical and financial aid and quickly developed his project.

He produced organic fertilizers-free strawberry and distributed it in the local market by 2015.

In 2016, Ameer decided to expand his work and started a second farm. With lessons learned from his first farm he managed to duplicate the production of the both farms and started to look beyond the local market. His upcoming plan is to start strawberry freezing plant in order to export his product outside the country.

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